The Speedy Collection

We first met Speedy (Varad More in the real world) over a decade ago, sporting his long locks just about the time John Abraham made it famous in his Dhoom avatar.

He’s come a long way from then but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed – he’s all about motorcycle fuckery – he can ride the wheels off of anything with two wheels and a motor. Oh, and there’s probably no one else who can make it look as good as he can while at it! Motorcycle Journalist, Knee Scraper par excellence, Wheelie maniac – his roles in life have seen him ride and write for almost every automotive publication in the country, in various ad films for bike brands and needless to say he’s got about a million miles of riding under his belt already.

Speedy has ridden a race tuned Fazer 1000 on the Isle of Man, been the only points finisher at the 2009 Yamaha ASEAN Cup, was the main man behind the KTM Orange Day franchise, won Valley Run in the 650cc class and also took top honours in the first ever Honda One Make race.

You can catch him on social media as @varadmore as he brings in the latest in the motorcycling world every Monday on his Instagram show #MEWS. Oh, and he still rocks the long locks once in a while!